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Employee Title PI
Shivam A Shah Research Specialist Doctor
Rajesh Kumar Staff Scientist Good
Ira Edward Wight Research Technician II Luke
Sabina Alisic Clinical Research Coord I Bacharier
Andrea Herkenhoff Nurse Practitioner Bacharier
Hollie Ridenbark Research Technician I Wallace
Rita A Miller Sr Research Technician Lowe
Xunjun Xiao Asst Prof (PEFA) Lowe
Yiming Zhang Research Technician II DeBosch
Samantha Burkart Research Technician II Druley
Yanan Li Postdoc Research Associate Magee
Megana Vasu WU Student Hunstad
Melody Mui Food Science Specialist Manary
Mark Lowe Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs & Strategic Planning Silverman

Funded Awards

Employee Title PI
Druley, Todd Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation/POST Characterizing Histone Modifying Protein Interactions ...
Fields, Melanie NIH/K23 Cerebral Oxygen Metabolism and Functional Network Arch...
Friess, Stuart NIH/R01 Delayed Hypoxemia Following Traumatic Brain Injury: A ...
Good, Misty NIH/R03 Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Signaling in the Pathogenesi...
Good, Misty MOD/Basil O'Connor Defining the role of aryl hydrocarbon receptor signali...
Hayashi, Robert NIH/U10/Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Scientific Leadership NIH NCTN Grant U10CA180886, succ...
Holtz, Lori MOD/Basil O'Connor Exploring the relationship between the in utero virome...
Horani, Amjad American Thoracic Society Characterization of motile cilia preassembly proteins ...
Magee, Jeffrey NIH/R01 Temporal Changes in Mechanisms of HSC Self-Renewal and...
Magee, Jeffrey Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation/'A' Award The role of inherited MLL3 single nucleotide variants ...
Pak, Stephen CDI Discovering Novel Therapeutic Interventions for Alpa-1...
Samson, Charles PCORI/University of North Carolina Anti-TNF Monotherapy versus Combination Therapy with L...
Schnadower, David NIH/R01/University of Michigan RNA Biosignatures: A Paradigm Change for the Managemen...
Stone, Stephen ICTS/ CH2 Novel Molecular Mechanism of Extreme Insulin Resistanc...
Storch, Gregory HRSA/City of St. Louis MAI Contracts (Early Intervention, Psycho-Social Suppo...
Storch, Gregory HRSA/City of STL DOH Treatment Adherence Counseling Services
Storch, Gregory HRSA/City of STL DOH Medical Case Management
Storch, Gregory HRSA/NA/St. Clair County DOH Perinatal Case Management
Weymann, Alexander CFF/University of CO Denver MRE Study Funds

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R01 Series – new: June 5
U01 – new: June 5
K Series – new: June 12
R03, R21, R33, R21/R33, R34, R36, UH2, UH3, UH2/UH3 – new: June 16
R15 – new, renewal, resubmission, revision: Jun 25

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Faculty Feature

Regina Clemens, MD, PhD

Gina was born and raised in the middle of the country in a place called St. Louis, Missouri, home of the Gateway Arch. Her childhood summers were spent with her father at Johns Hopkins, freely roaming through the hospital and laboratory halls. Her favorite past-times included swimming in the Chesapeake Bay, playing with lab rats and learning to mouth-pipet (before the days of “IACUC” and “lab safety”). Despite a natural aptitude for freezing objects with liquid nitrogen, she emphatically denied any interest in science and began planning her career as either a professional violinist or a veterinarian. For college Gina moved a full 15 minutes from home to Washington University in St. Louis. There she pursued a wild college experience with 4 years of 5am crew practice and a year abroad in Dublin, Ireland studying Zoology and Guinness.

Gina’s career aspirations were ultimately influenced by a cat allergy and Dr. David Gius, a physician-scientist and her college research mentor. Therefore, after college she entered the MSTP program at the University of Pennsylvania. For her graduate studies she joined the laboratory of Dr. Gary Kratky, investigating how adaptor proteins regulate neutrophil activation. Thus began her fascination with neutrophils as critically important, yet often overlooked, cells in human health and disease. For distraction from the frustration of working with a “sensitive” cell type she continued her athletic endeavors by rock climbing and took up the Irish fiddle in a nod to her Irish roots. For a change of scenery, she left Philadelphia in 2007 for residency and fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at University of California, San Francisco. Her clinical training as an intensivist continued to drive her research interests in inflammation and neutrophil biology and for her post-doctoral studies she worked with Dr. Cliff Lowell investigating how calcium signaling and the process of store-operated calcium entry (SOCE) regulates neutrophil activation. Personally, she met her wife Tonya, an ER nurse, as a wide-eyed intern in the ED. 10 years and three children later, they decided to leave their shoebox in San Francisco and travel back to the Midwest, the land of Grandparents and an amazing professional opportunity for Gina at Washington University.

Gina is now an Instructor in Pediatrics. Clinically, she attends in the Pediatric ICU and is continuing to pursue her research interests in how ER calcium sensors STIM1 and STIM2 and ORAI1 and ORAI2 calcium channels regulate neutrophil activation and their role in neutrophil-mediated inflammatory diseases and lung injury. In her copious free time, she exercises by running after her three boys, Henry (5), Oliver (3) and William (3), and plays the fiddle in Irish music sessions in the city.

Pediatrics Weekly Forum
Tuesdays 4:00pm in NWT Room 10A

04/18/17 No Forum
Scott Handley
Safe Laboratory Practices
Jenny Kunza & Martin Israel
Conflict of Interest
Stuart Sweet, M.D.
Systems-Based Practice
Todd Druley, MD
Mike Talcott

Pediatrics Molecular Medicine Seminar (PMMS) Series

Thursdays 4:00 P.M. in SLCH, 3rd Floor Auditorium


Brigida Rusconi (Tarr lab)/Allison Throm (French Lab)


Allan Doctor


David Wang


Ehiole Akhirome (Jay Lab/Chad Schaber (John Lab)


No Conference


Jennifer Wambach


Brooke Sadler (Gurnett Lab)/ Inema Orukari (Rubin Lab)


Zachary Vesoulis

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Pediatric Translational Immunology Conf.

Gene identification in human genetic immune disorders leads to precision therapies

Dr. Michael Lenardo
Chief, Molecular Development of the Immune System Section,
National Institutes of Health/NIAID

May 5th, 9:15 a.m., Clopton Auditorium

Pediatric Research Summer Party

Cardinals vs. Brewers, May 4th, 12:45
Please register by Friday, April 21st

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Wednesday, May 17th, 3:00-5:00
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