F. Sesssions Cole, M.D. - Vice Chairman, Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Cole is the Park J. White, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Children's Health, Vice Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics, Director of the Division of Newborn Medicine, and Chief Medical Officer of St. Louis Children's Hospital

Jennifer Wambach, M.D. - Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Dr. Wambach is a neonatologist who cares for babies in the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). She is interested in rare pediatric lung diseases including genetic disorders of surfactant dysfunction and alveolar capillary dysplasia. She is an active member of the national childhood interstitial lung disease research network (chILDRN).

Laboratory Staff

Daniel Wegner, Lab Manager

Dan is involved in association of genotypes in surfactant related genes and pathways to newborn RDS using high throughput Next Generation sequencing technologies. Dan also is involved in exome and genome sequencing analysis of babies with rare, extreme Mendelian phenotypes.

Hillary Heins, Senior Research Technician

Hillary is using an adenoviral based tranduction system to silence and concurrently rescue surfactant related gene expression in primary lung epithelial cells, to study the effects of identified mutations on cell ultrastructure and lipidomic signatures.

Ping Yang, Senior Research Technician

Ping is working to utilize CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing technology to generate a highly versatile system for timely functional testing of ABCA3 mutations and screening of small molecules for pharmacologic correction of ABCA3 mutation-encoded disruption of lung function.

Yue Jiang, Patient Recruiter

Aby is responsible for patient recruitment and obtaining informed consent, as well as patient sample acquisition.

Current Trainees

June Hu, M.D., Neonatal-Perinatal fellow

Dr. Hu is using an adenoviral based tranduction system to silence and concurrently rescue ABCA3 gene expression in a lung cell line, A549, to study the effects of identified mutations in ABCA3.

Carla Sandler-Wilson, M.D., Neonatal-Perinatal fellow

Dr. Sandler-Wilson will be involved in a project that utilizes genome, exome, and RNAseq next generation technologies to discover genes involved in patients with rare pediatric birth defects.

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