The Cooper lab has two main areas of interest: mechanisms of NK cell activation and the genetic basis of pediatric immune dysregulation syndromes.  Current NK cell projects include: 1) metabolic regulation of NK cell activation; 2) metabolic regulation of NK cell anti-viral responses; and 3) enhancing NK cell memory for immunotherapy.  Current projects focused on immune dysregulation include: 1) an in vivo model of STAT3 GOF ; 2) the role of STAT3 in epithelial cell turnover; 3) novel genetic defects in pediatric immune dysregulation syndromes.

Research Opportunities

The Cooper laboratory is committed to being a home for diverse trainees and staff, and we feel that bringing together people from different backgrounds with different life perspectives is the best way to advance science. We are always interested in offering opportunities for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. If you are interested in learning more about current projects and opportunities, please e-mail Megan (

Cooper Lab Accomplishments and News

June 2021: Annelise and Molly’s paper is published in Cell Reports!   
May 2021: Four meeting talks selected from the Cooper lab this month -
1) Jahnavi discusses the new #IEI associated with TLR8 at the Clinical Immunology Society 2021 Meeting!,
2) Erica presents interesting findings on Tregs in STAT3 Gain-of-function at CIS 2021!,
3) Kelsey presents her work on Th17s and STAT3 at the 2021 AAI meeting
and 4) Maria talks about how NK cells are primed by IL-15 at AAI 2021 meeting! Congratulations to all!
May 2021: Jahnavi’s paper on the discovery of TLR8 gain-of-function as a new disease is out in print! Also, click the image to the right to check out the backstory on the brave patients and families that made this study possible. 

Scientists discover rare genetic condition that attacks kids’ immune systems

January 2021: Check out this great review from Erica in Annual Reviews in Immunology.  
May 2020: Annelise graduates and moves to Boston where she will be an Internal Medicine resident! Congratulations Annelise!  
September 2019: Megan and Maria travel to Luxembourg for the NK meeting and present work from the lab!  
August 2018, Annelise defends her PhD thesis!  
September 2017: Annelise awarded an NIH F30 grant for her work on NK cell metabolism  
October 2016, Annelise presents her research at the NK 2016 meeting in Taormina, Italy  
October 2016, Annelise receives a travel award for her research presented at the NK2016 meeting  
September 2016: Molly receives the Shooting Star Award from the Department of Pediatrics for excellence in Research
August 2016: Tiphanie graduates from fellowship and the lab and moves to Baylor to start her own research program!  
November 2015: Megan presents the laboratory’s work on STAT3 at the American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting  
June 2015: Tiphanie and Megan have their work highlighted by the CDI  
Summer 2015: Annelise and Megan are awarded a grant from the American Association of Immunologists  
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