Hello, and welcome to the DeBosch Lab! We study hepatic and enterocyte determinants of metabolic syndrome and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


  • Brian is appointed to the AGA Institute Research Awards Panel, May 2020 thru April 2022!
  • Yiming Zhang, DBBS Student in the DeBosch Lab, was appointed to the DBBS Markey Pathway, to learn in depth the pathobiology of human disease in multi-disciplinary didactic, laboratory and clinical settings! Congrats, Yiming!
  • Congratulations to Jackie Kading in the DeBosch lab, who graduates WUMS this May, and will continue her training as a physician-scientist as a Pediatrics Intern at the David Geffin School of Medicine at UCLA! Good luck to you in this next chapter, Jackie!
  • Congratulations to Yiming Zhang on his latest publication in Gut Microbes on the metabolic and microbial effects of trehalose and its analogues!
  • Our lab was awarded the 2020 Pilot Research Award by the AASLD for our work to understand hepatocyte Arginase 2 biology!
  • Yiming Zhang, DBBS Student, was awarded a T32 training grant to study the role of arginases in hepatic metabolism!
  • Yiming Zhang, first-year DBBS student, has declared the DeBosch lab as his official thesis lab!
  • Yiming Zhang has a paper in press at Gastroenterology!: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0016508519418945?via%3Dihub
  • The DeBosch Lab received a competitive renewal grant from the Longer Life Foundation to study the role of liver metabolism in cardiometabolic disease!
  • Dr. DeBosch received a Young Investigator travel award from the NIDDK NORC and Obesity Society to speak at Obesity Week 2019. The talk is titled: Targeting Hepatocyte Arginine Metabolism as a Therapeutic Strategy Across Heterogenous Models of Obesity and Insulin Resistance.
  • Cassandra Higgins was awarded the 2019 Department of Pediatrics Research "Star" Award!
  • The DeBosch Lab was just awarded an NIH R21 grant to study the mechanism of action of the disaccharide, trehalose!
  • The DeBosch Lab was awarded a 2019 Clinical Scientist Development Program Award from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation to study glucose fasting response mechanisms in human iHeps!
  • The DeBosch Lab received a Junior Faculty Grant from the American Federation for Aging Research to study the hepatic fasting response in the physiology of normal aging!
  • Dr. DeBosch was named to the Editorial Board of Hepatology!
  • Brian DeBosch's co-authored manuscript "Degradation-Resistant Trehalose Analogues Block Utilization of Trehalose by Hypervirulent Clostridioides difficile" was accepted at Chemical Communications (The journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry).
  • Brian DeBosch was awarded the 2019 Gilead Sciences Cardiovascular Comorbidities Research Award!
  • Yiming Zhang (Tech II, DeBosch Lab) was accepted into Washington University's Developmental Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology Program! He begins in the program Fall 2019.
  • Brian DeBosch was awarded the 2019 AGA-Allergan Foundation Pilot Research Award in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.
  • Yiming Zhang's manuscript, "Hepatocyte Arginase 2 is sufficient to convey the therapeutic metabolic effects of fasting" was accepted for publication at Nature Communications! This is his second first-author publication in our lab. Congrats Yiming!
  • Cassie Higgins will be promoted to Senior Research Technician January 1, 2018! Congrats, Cassie!
  • Dr. DeBosch was awarded a grant from the Longer Life Foundation to study the liver's interactions with heart growth and function!
  • Paul Hruz and Brian DeBosch were named winners of the 2018 LEAP Inventors Challenge at Washington University for their invention, Selective Novel Treatment of Fatty Liver Disease
  • Allyson Mayer (DBBS Student, Developmental, Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine) defended her thesis in May 2018 (5 year completion time). She completes her time in the DeBosch Lab as an Spencer and Ann Olin Fellow, a Jakschik Prize winner, and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Awardee.
  • Emily Feng, BS (WUSTL ArtSci 2016), DeBosch Lab Alum, enrolled at Kansas University School of Medicine
  • Oyin Adenekan (WUSTL ArtSci 2020) was awarded an HHMI undergraduate research fellowship (2018)
  • The DeBosch Lab's discoveries: Featured in Science Signaling's 2016 "Signaling Breakthroughs of the Year" (2017).
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