Druley Lab

The Druley lab is focused on rare individual genetic variation--substitutions, insertions, deletions, epigenetic changes--and how such variation influences the onset and treatment of complex disease. The "Rare Variant Hypothesis” posits that much of complex disease presentation and treatment is influenced by the unique combination of rare inherited DNA mutations within each person. While a specific genetic variation may be individually rare, an affected group of people may have many different mutations to the same critical gene or cellular pathway - thus resulting in the same disease phenotype.

Studying this question requires surveying many genes across many individuals, which has historically been cost prohibitive. To mitigate this limitation, we have developed methods for pooling DNA from hundreds to thousands of individuals, simultaneously sequencing thousands of target genes and analyzing patterns of genetic variation using novel computational algorithms.

The lab has two goals: 1) to better understand the general impact of rare variation on population diversity and complex disease as well as 2) applying genomic technology to identifying genes and pathways associated with specific disease states.

Contact Information:

Office Phone: 314-286-2124
Office Fax: 314-454-2780
Lab Phone: 314-286-0869
e-mail (Dr. Druley): druley_t@kids.wustl.edu

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