Friess Lab Happenings

June 2018


Department of Pediatrics goes to the Cardinals game! It was HOT but we had a great time and the Cardinals won!

May 2018


Congratulations to Marta on giving an excellent presentation at the Department of Pediatrics Molecular Medicine Seminar series. Way to go!!!

April 2018


Marta’s birthday lunch! Who doesn’t love a little sushi?

Welcome Sangeetha Vadivelu!! Sangeetha comes to us from the University of Missouri and has joined the lab as a research technician. We are so excited to have her!!!

January 2018


Our behavior testing room is up and running! We have the capabilities to efficiently perform, Barnes maze, working memory, social interaction, tail suspension, open field, elevated plus maze, and contextual fear conditioning. (Stylish sunglasses optional).

December 2017


Lab lunch out for Indian buffet to celebrate the winter holidays!

August 2017


We moved! We are sad to leave our corner of the Brody lab and so appreciative of all the support we have gotten but we are excited for our new space (with big windows!) in MPRB.

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