Vascular Calcification: Mechanism of stimulation by CKD.

Effects of CKD on vascular smooth cell phenotype and vascular calcification 

The CKD-MBD (Renal Osteodystrophy/Osteoporosis)

Pathogenesis of the CKD-MBD

The effects of of CKD on osteoblast function. Relationship of vascular calcification and bone formation in CKD.

Mechanisms of BMP-7 therapy for vascular calcification

Will BMP-7 treat rather than prevent vascular calcification? (see figure to right) Will BMP-7 increase GFR in severe kidney failure?

New Therapies for Chronic Kidney Disease

Role of Wnt inhibitor neutralization, Role of Activin inhibition, Effects of BMP-7 therapy on Renal Osteodystrophy (see figure to right)

Osteoclast Biology: Role of microRNA in osteoclastogenesis

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