Lab Leader

Zachary A. Vesoulis, MD MSCI
Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Zach is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Washington University School of Medicine.  His research interests are in the application of electrical and optical monitoring devices to the function of autoregulatory systems in the central circulatory system and how patterns of dysfunction contribute to brain injury. 

Faculty Members

  Nathalie M. El Ters
Instructor of Pediatrics

Nathalie is an Instructor of Pediatrics at the Washington University School of Medicine. Her research interests include quantitative aEEG/EEG measures in preterm infants and developing new methods for the use of cEEG in the preterm infant population.
  Siddharth Jain, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology

Sid is a Neonatal Neurologist with an interest in epilepsy. His research interests include the development of quantitative EEG tools for the prediction and diagnosis of seizures.
  Steve M. Liao, MD MSCI
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Steve grew up in Taiwan before moving to southern California for high school (Los Altos High) and college (UCLA). He came to St. Louis for medical school and continued his pediatric training at St. Louis University School of Medicine. Steve completed his fellowship training in newborn medicine and received a MS degree in clinical investigation at Washington University in St. Louis.

Christopher McPherson, Pharm D
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Chris is a clinical pharmacist in the NICU at St. Louis Children's Hospital.  His research interests include pharmacologic treatment of the PDA and the neurologic implications of sedation in preterm infants.
  Rakesh Rao, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Rakesh is an Associate Professor in the Division of Newborn Medicine. His research interests include hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, therapeutic hypothermia, and neuroimaging.

John Zempel, MD PhD
Professor, Neurology and Pediatrics

John is a Child Neurologist and director of the EEG laboratory at St. Louis Children's Hospital.  He has an interest in neonatal neurology, epilepsy in children, autism, pediatric sleep disorders, and Landau-Kleffner syndrome.


Christine Cortelyou, MD MPH
Clinical Fellow

Christine is a second year Newborn Medicine fellow.  Her research interests include cardiovascular dynamics of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.

Stephanie Lee, MD
Clinical Fellow

Stephanie is a third year Newborn Medicine fellow.  Her research interests include using alternate sources of data to better identify and treat seizures in preterm infants.
  Hallie Morris, MD
Clinical Fellow

Hallie is a third year Newborn Medicine fellow.  Her research interests include advances in neuroprotection for infants with HIE and the use of advanced MRI techniques to better identify brain injury.

Research Team

Anthony Barton
Research Coordinator

Anthony joined the WUNDER lab in 2008 as a research assistant. In 2011 he transitioned to his current role as one of the lab's two Research Coordinators. Anthony recently completed his certification in Clinical Research Management.

Laura Atwood
Research Assistant

Laura has over 10 years of experience in the Neonatal ICU as a Patient Care Technician.  She joined the lab in the spring of 2014.  Her focus is longitudinal NIRS and EEG monitoring of preterm infants.

Kavita Patwardhan
Research Assistant

A recent graduate from Washington University, Kavita joined the lab part-time in the Spring of 2019 and transitioned to full time in the Summer of 2019.  Her focus is the identification and extraction of physiologic data paired with simultaneous chart review.
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