Odom John lab news


Congrats to Audrey for her Grand Prize in the IDWeek 2018 IDea Incubator innovation challenge!

Congrats to Emily on her recent review in F1000 on the antimalarial pipeline.

Congrats to Ann on her recent paper in mSphere on malaria parasites in white-tailed deer fawns.

Congrats to Chad on his recent paper in the Journal of Infectious Diseases! Some press highlights:

  • "A breathprint for malaria: new opportunities for non-interventional diagnostics and mosquito traps?" David Fidock, JID 2018 link
  • "A malaria breathalyzer: it's closer than you think," Wired magazine 
  • "Malaria breath test shows promise," BBC News
  • "Wash U researchers working on breath test for malaria," St. Louis Public Radio

Odom John lab research overview

New drugs are urgently needed to treat malaria, which causes nearly 500,000 deaths per year, mostly in very young children. We study the basic molecular and cellular biology of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, in order to identify new antimalarial drug targets and develop new diagnostics. Our primary research goals are to understand the biological functions of specific metabolic pathways in the malaria parasite--that is, to understand what the parasite needs to make, and why it needs to make it.

Please find our most recent publications here (Google Scholar) and here (MyNCBI).

We are located on the 6th floor of the McDonnell Pediatric Research Building.

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