Lori Holtz, MD

Principal Investigator
Lori grew up in Cincinnati and completed her MD degree at the Ohio State University. As a Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellow at Washington University she was trained in the lab of David Wang, PhD. Lori opened her laboratory in the summer of 2013. Outside of the lab and hospital she enjoys spending time with her family, yoga, and traveling to warm places.

Cynthia Rodriguez, MS

Laboratory Technician II
Cindy has a BS in Biology from Centenary College of Louisiana and a MS in Plant Pathology from the University of Arkansas. Prior to moving to Saint Louis in 2014 she worked at the LSU Medical School in Shreveport, Louisiana in the Department of Physiology and most recently in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

In the Holtz lab, she is primarily consumed with nucleic acid extraction from various sample types and in preparing libraries for next-generation sequencing on the MiSeq platform.

Patrick Sloan, MD, MS

Newborn Medicine Fellow
Patrick has a MD and MS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He completed his Pediatric Residency at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in 2016, and is now a Newborn Medicine Fellow at Washington University.

In the Holtz lab, his primary research interest is investigating the infectious contribution to premature labor. He is specifically interested in the viral contribution. His project involves the screening of neonatal cord blood from a range of gestational ages and delivery indications for the presence of a panel of viruses known to cause intrauterine infection.

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